Anan Creek Bear Observatory — Part 3

After the bears have eaten their fill, there usually are some scraps left over for the eagles. We spotted a couple of them competing for position to swoop in for a bite. (The last photo is of a bear defecating into the creek. Bears apparently can't resist plastic. This one is eliminating a long yellow nylon cord.)

Eagle waiting for a mealEagle waiting for a meal Eagle waiting for a mealEagle waiting for a meal Eagle ready to swoop inEagle ready to swoop in Eagle with a chunk of salmonEagle with a chunk of salmon Eagle watching the photographerEagle watching the photographer Bear disposing of indigestible materialBear disposing of indigestible material

Just before we headed back down to the beach to catch our plane, a yearling and a large bear (its mother?) passed across our trail down to the creek and back. A close call, but fortunately these bears are habituated to humans and do not seem inclined to attack unless provoked. Still, we gave them a wide berth.

Yearling watching the pathYearling watching the path Yearling passes the observatoryYearling passes the observatory Mama bear checks us outMama bear checks us out Yearling returns with a fishYearling returns with a fish

We left having seen more than our share of bears and had a smooth flight back to Ketchikan. Big thanks to Michelle and to our guide.

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