Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

Google Hit Hider lets you hide sites from your Google search results that you do not care to see. It also works on DuckDuckGo,, Bing and Yahoo, and is free. Like videos? Here's a one-minute introduction to the script:

You can view this video on Youtube here:

How do I get Google Hit Hider?

System Requirements

First, you need the Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey extension (for Chrome or Firefox 57+). These extensions recognize when you are using one of the supported search engines and run the script automatically. Here are the links to download the extension if you do not have it already:

Sorry, I am not aware of any way to run user scripts on Internet Explorer.

Installing Google Hit Hider

The script currently is available on two different sites; no registration is required to install the script. Each site provides options for feedback and discussion, and is home to many other user scripts that might be of interest to you at some point.

Is it safe?

The script is not guaranteed to be perfect. Google changes stuff, other add-ons change stuff, and that one web page with the secret to life, the universe, and everything, might be on a site that gets hidden. You are responsible for your use of this script.

Technically speaking, Google Hit Hider is a user script, a computer program that can modify the website you're viewing, and interact with other sites in the background. Like other add-ons, you should only install user scripts you trust. Can you trust this script? Yes. Google Hit Hider was written by me, Jefferson Scher, a real person you can search online and contact with questions or complaints.

How do I use Google Hit Hider?

Basic Operation of Google Hit Hider

After installation, a "block" button should appear next to the title of each result.

Click the block button to block results from that site. A small dialog will appear.

Simply click Block Site to block the site immediately.

In most cases, you also have an extra choice: to block the full site domain, and a domain that will match multiple addresses on that domain (e.g., www., download., etc.). Pick whatever you think will work best for you.

The +site and -site buttons will alter your current query, but not add the site to the block list.

After a domain is added to the block list, the results should refresh and display a one line notice about that suppressed hit.

If you never want to see notices for this site, instead of clicking Block Site, click Perma-ban in the block dialog. Or just click the notice and the result will redisplay on a shaded background. You then can "Unblock" the site or move it to the "Perma-ban" list of sites you never want to see.

One-click blocking

If you find two clicks to be one click too many, you can turn on one-click blocking in the Block dialog (last checkbox) or on the Home tab of the Management pane (see Managing Script Options).

Managing Your Block List(s)

The management pane allows you to view your blocked domains and:

For all the details, see: Manage Block Lists in Google Hit Hider

Managing Script Options

The management pane allows you to tweak Google Hit Hider to fit your needs. These include:

For all the details, see: Setting Options for Google Hit Hider

Problems, Requests, and Miscellaneous

To report a problem with the script, please use the feature of the site where you downloaded the script. On Greasy Fork, create a Discussion, and on, open an issue. If those turn out to be awkward to use, we will find a solution. Please read the script's Privacy Statement.

This site blocking script was inspired by a request on the discussion forum Eileen's Lounge (see Greasemonkey userscript to hide Google results by domain).