Various Kinds of Blocking

This page should trigger several features:

  1. Mixed "display" content warning: the following image is retrieved using HTTP instead of HTTPS. Firefox should show a warning triangle on the lock. (If you do not see that, make sure you are viewing this page on HTTPS.)
  2. Mixed "active" content block: a script tag directs Firefox to retrieve a script over HTTP instead of HTTPS, which Firefox normally will not do. If you absolutely need to make an exception, use the little ">" icon in the Connection section of the drop-down.
  3. Content Blocking: this page calls a Google Analytics script. By default, this will be blocked in private windows with basic tracking protection. If you are using privacy-related add-ons, those might block the script, too.

Depending on whether you are in a regular or a private window, the Site Info panel would look something like this:

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