Dec 312009

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Getting Away (December 31, 2009)

EVA flight 17 departed SFO a bit late at 12:17 AM, but we are heading West across the Pacific as I type. Despite recent events, security was no problem. Since I last flew on EVA in 2006, the fleet has changed from predominantly 747s to predominantly 777s (from the U.S. to Tapei) and A300s (within Asia). The “Elite” class on the 777 has the traditional 38″ seat pitch of business class, but when you recline the seats they lean back a bit and the seat bottom slides forward and tilts up a bit. It’s not really very comfortable, but is quite space efficient. Our first meal was basic economy class “beef or chicken,” plus wine. It might be slightly better than the comparably priced Economy Plus ticket on United, but only slightly. All around me people were served special meals, from “low fat” to what smelled like a seafood dish. I will have to investigate this further for my return flight.

About two hours before arrival, breakfast was served. I skipped the omelet and asked the seafood porridge. An incredulous flight attendant asked me whether I knew what that was, and said she didn’t think I would like it. Having persuaded her to let me try it, I will admit (to you, not to her) that the tiny shrimp and bland congee were nothing special. Having read online the business class breakfast menu, where the porridge is accompanied by “pork floss,” it was hard not to feel just a bit cheated. Still, with the fun little side dishes and sufficient salt and pepper, it was a nice wake-up. After a smooth landing, we were ready to brave the transfer to our flight to Bangkok.

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