Jan 222010

Bangkok (January 22, 2010)

Today we begin our Southern Trip! But I have most of the day to myself for running errands, further recovering from my cold, and eating.

I managed to sleep in until 4:45am, and at the breakfast buffet, I got a freshly made omelet. These are hardly even small victories, but lately any time I’m not coughing or blowing my nose is a good time.

After processing photos most of the day, I met up with the new group. Many of my fellow travelers have taken multiple cooking courses or at least one trip with Kasma, so I imagine our menus may become adventurous. This first evening, we headed to Thon Krueng for dinner. The stir-fried morning glories were much hotter than when I ordered them at lunch the other day, but the rest of the meal was very manageable, and mirrored the dishes I had here on January 2: the tender and delicious red curry fish mousse was as good as always; a salad of crispy rice and bits of sour sausage in a tangy dressing was a hit; the fried duck was nicely done; and the sheatfish with choo chee curry was tasty (and not nearly as hot as it looked).

Speaking just over the rowdy party in the adjacent dining room, Kasma sketched out our schedule for tomorrow. An early breakfast from the street market, followed by several hours to shop the immense Chatuchak Weekend Market, a hearty lunch, and then free time until dinner. Maybe I will have recovered enough to get a massage?

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