Aug 072011

Another day, another breakfast of poke and papaya, and another morning snorkel. Lisa and I headed to nearby Kamaole Beach Park III to investigate a spot rated one of Maui’s best by Galen Piehl and Nicole Atkins in their eBook Maui Snorkeling Guide. Was it an overlooked gem, or just overrated?

The fine sand gently gave way to brisk waters as we swam toward the rocky point between Kamaole Beach Park III and II. Nearby, paddleboarders practiced their moves. Initially, there did not seem to be anything of interest in this spot. However, we eventually found a fishbowl-like formation rich in goatfish. Other fish occasionally would move through the area, including a very large bluefin trevalley, which the other fish accorded a wide berth. Overall, this spot is not bad, but it’s no Ulua beach.

After a quick shower, Lisa, Shirley and I headed out to Paia for some shopping and lunch. The Paia Fish Market looked promising, and I enjoyed an Ono sandwich. We then toured various art galleries, boutiques, and other shops in a quest for souvenirs and childrens’ clothing. Some of this was a blur; I was more engaged in the interesting Mana grocery store.

Featuring local meat and produce, ready-to-eat hot and cold foods, natural foods of every description, and a hardware section, Mana is a comprehensive local market. We could not, however, find anything that was “grill ready” (such as teriyaki chicken or miso-marinated butterfish). By the time we had completed similar checks of Costco and Foodland, we decided that perhaps in this heat grilling was not that appealing after all.

While discussing our various activities of the day, we suddenly discovered that the washing machine had malfunctioned, spilling tens of gallons of water onto the floor, into the carpeting, and worse, down through the floorboards to the first floor and front porch. We battled valiantly with beach towels and the owner tried a carpet cleaner, but professional help was required. We had to go out for dinner just to escape the noisy hot air machines drying out the carpet.

A few blocks from the house, the Sicilian restaurant Antonio’s sits beside the enormous Long’s. Splitting our party of eight between two tables for two was not too difficult, but the kitchen had difficulty keeping up. My lasagna was okay.

Tomorrow, Lisa, George, Marcus and I will cruise to Molokini for a morning snorkel. The rest of the day remains unscheduled, and one has to wonder what surprises lie in store.

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