Jan 152017

Gearing up for my sixth trip to Southern Thailand, I have to wonder whether I have anything fresh to say about the islands and reefs of the Andaman Sea, the delicious (and sometimes adventurous) food we find in restaurants and markets, visits to museums and temples, crafts and other shopping temptations, and the numerous quirks of traveling in a country so different from our own. The itinerary combines destinations from several of my trips:

After a day and a half feasting and shopping in Bangkok, we head to the Hot Springs of Ranong and then off the grid to the islands of Mu Ko Surin (Koh Surin Marine National Park). The accommodations and cuisine are basic, and cell service is questionable, but innumerable colorful fish await.
Upon our return to the peninsula, we overnight at a resort whose dining room features tasty favorites and a large karaoke stage. Heading East, after a night amidst the limestone karts of “Guilin, Thailand” we enjoy the cultural attractions of Nakhon Si Thammarat.
Sticking to the Gulf, we visit museums and eat seafood in Songkhla before returning to the Andaman Sea for our Southernmost snorkeling. Ko Lipe seems more heavily developed on each visit; will there be any rest for the weary after long days on the water?
The final leg of our journey takes us through Trang to Ko Lanta and Krabi. There is fantastic snorkeling around several islands off the coast, and some of the best Thai food on the trip. After a final “free day” for relaxation, we return to Bangkok and home.

Sound familiar?

Even if it turns out I have nothing new to say, I still could show you something different. Bandwidth permitting, keep an eye out for a few 360 degree photos and videos that let you explore locations in a new way.

Posts for this trip can be found on this page: http://www.jeffersonscher.com/ttw/category/southern-trip-2017/ (newest first)

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